This is a story of an extraordinary woman, Jaqueline Gayet who has been inspired to fundraise for Metastatic Breast Cancer for The Pink Lemonade Project.  She possesses a heart for educating young women about breast cancer and the critical importance of early detection and possible eradication of cancer.  In addition, she is hoping that her fundraising will help with the various programs that The Pink Lemonade project provides Breast Cancer survivors, especially Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Jaqueline currently lives in the Portland area with her family.  In 1999 she and her family relocated here from France for a short-term career opportunity.  After all these years she and her family are still here in the United States.  They fell for the people and the nature that they have been surrounded by.  Her origins are in the Basque Country of France, particularly in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (which is the starting point of the Way of St. James, also known as El Camino de Santiago French Way).

There are three women that have ignited a flame in Jaqueline to pursue a path towards a future where breast cancer is detected early, treated effectively and ultimately prevented or eradicated.  The first woman was her co-worker, Therasa.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 40.  Jaqueline watched her maneuver through many challenges on her cancer journey with unwavering courage.  The second woman, Sonjia, Jacqueline met in September 2023 while training for the Girlfriends Run by Pink Lemonade Project with Stage Four, metastatic breast cancer.  She had the opportunity to see how she was thriving in her survival of this disease.  Another woman who impacted Jacqueline was her roommate, Gwojen who embarked on a transformative pilgrimage of the Way of St. James, El Camino, shortly following her diagnoses.  For her friend it was a walk of spiritual growth and a path of resilience and unyielding commitment to live life to the fullest.  This adventure/journey underscored the significance of holistic wellbeing for those involved in their cancer journey.

As previously mentioned, Jacqueline’s origin is in the Basque Country of France.  She has a strong connection to this area that came from her childhood memories as she accompanied her uncle who was herding cows on the Way of St. James. This taught her the joy of walking in rhythm with the earth.

Jacqueline began her fundraising in January 2024 with a dinner at her home for friends and family.  She set her goal for $5,000.  Her initial goal has been exceeded and currently she is at $6,000.  She has increased her goal to $7,500.  Jacqueline continues her fundraising in hopes of exceeding her second goal.  On April 12, 2024 she will begin her trek on the infamous journey of the Way of St. James, the El Camino de Santiago.  It will begin at Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.  The journey is a 476.6 mile trek taking up to 33 days.  It will end in Santiago de Compostela on May 14, 2024.

She is asking others to join her in her fundraising efforts and is asking for sponsorship from additional friends and family.  If you would like to support her and or follow along on her fundraising journey and physical trek go to:

Jaqueline is also hoping that her driving force to fundraise for breast cancer/metastatic breast cancer will motivate others to do the same thing.


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