Get Involved


There are so many ways to get involved with Pink Lemonade Project.

Become a mentor, host a fundraiser on our behalf, join our board of directors or a program committee, and many other ways to make a positive difference in the lives of local people affected by breast cancer.

Become a Mentor

Pink Lemonade Project mentors are the hands and voice of our outreach to those who are figuring out how to ‘do’ their new reality.  We pair mentors with patients who are similar in age and diagnosis.  Our mentors receive amazing training from oncology social workers who teach them how to approach this sensitive role with the right voice. Mentors are not asked to provide medical information.  Rather, they share their insight and experience and bring an understanding ear to the patient.  Click here for more information.

Host a Fundraiser

Often, your sphere of influence includes groups (friends, clubs, neighborhoods, etc) who would be interested in raising money to support Pink Lemonade Project’s work.  We can help!  We will follow your lead and inspiration.  Raising these critical funds is fun…and so important.  Share your ideas!  Click here for more information.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support and assistance from many types of volunteers to help us fulfill our mission. We have a range of opportunities for volunteers to help get the work done that is needed by our organization and, ultimately, needed help those we intend to serve. Examples include:

Member, Board of Directors: in two-year terms, Pink Lemonade Project board members provide organizational governance and oversight, in addition to serving on the fundraising, board development, and finance committees.

Members commit to attending 10 monthly board meetings, and an annual retreat, along with participating on at least one board committee.

Committee Member: Pink Lemonade Project looks for individuals to participate on our committees to add good thinking and help shape the direction of the programs and activities of the organization.

Currently, Pink Lemonade Project has committees that oversee work related to fundraising, programs, Pink Glow, the Girlfriends Run, and Communications. Committees meet once a month for approximately 2 hours.

Ad-Hoc Volunteer: a plethora of other volunteer opportunities arise every year from pro-bono help with event planning, fundraising, marketing, office administration, event support and data entry. These volunteer activities can be one-time help at an event, or a regularly scheduled time based on your interest and availability. This opportunity is open to both survivors of breast cancer or those who care about the cause.

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