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Whether you or a family member is recently diagnosed, in treatment, recovery, survivorship, or facing an advanced diagnosis, Pink Lemonade Project has thought about you.

Research shows that patients with a breast cancer diagnosis who have strong friendships and community connections have a lower risk of a recurrence, lower risk of a breast cancer-specific mortality, and a lower risk of total mortality. In fact, our programs were developed with close cooperation of our healthcare partners and are designed to support you during your treatment and recovery. We want to offer a community and help you live a vibrant life.

These are unprecedented times and Pink Lemonade Project wants our breast cancer community across the Vancouver/Portland metro area to know that we are here for you!

We have added new programs over the past few years. And, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted our programming to virtual so we can continue our business of creating a community for those affected by breast cancer.

Click here to see our latest Program & Pink Link events.

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