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pink Lemonade Project offers a variety of programs to help support those living with metastatic breast cancer. MBC, also known as “Stage 4,” is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.

Those living with a MBC diagnosis bring light to their unique needs for education and support different from traditional survivorship programs. MBC programs offer a way to connect with one another and be part of a broader community. The programs and events are developed and overseen by an advisory council of patients living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, a medical advisor and staff.

Below are links to our programs and events which include the MBC Dinner Series, Quarterly Quench newsletter, mentors, financial assistance, and retreats for the MBC community across Oregon and SW Washington.

For additional resources, click here to view our online database.

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Dinner Series is a quarterly community-building event for those living with a metastatic diagnosis to discuss the latest in research, treatment, and symptom management with local health experts, in a small group setting.

Our next quarterly MBC event is on Tuesday, December 12th.

Pink Lemonade Project publishes a quarterly MBC newsletter with the assistance of our Metastatic Breast Cancer Advisory Council. Issues include research & treatment updates, a list of local & national organizations that support the MBC community, our upcoming MBC events, and more!
MBC Newsletter

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Metastatic Breast Cancer Fund

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Fund was developed by Pink Lemonade Project staff and the Metastatic Breast Cancer Advisory Council to honor, celebrate, and pay tribute to individuals who pass away from the disease. The purpose of the MBC Fund is to create a solid foundation by offering unique programs which provide vital support to the MBC community and their families. This work is crucial to the quality of life and survivorship of individuals. To keep these programs active and expanding, the MBC Fund has been established and will launch on October 11, 2023 — MBC Awareness Day.

Pink Peers is our one-on-one mentorship program–Click here to learn more.

Financial Assistance Programs

Pink Practicalities, Treatment Access Program, and Holiday Glow provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients–Click here to learn more.

Support Group

Pink Lemonade Project and Legacy Salmon Creek partner to offer a unique support group for women living with advanced cancer or cancer that has metastasized–Click here to learn more.

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