Commitment to DEI


Pink Lemonade Project is committed to providing breast health and cancer programs/services to improve access and outcomes for all communities affected by breast cancer.

What will we do?

By listening, engaging, and taking action, we are committed to helping save more lives, improve health equity, and promote a better quality of life.

How will we do it and with whom?

We strive to listen, learn, understand, and care for the breast cancer community. All communities are not treated the same, do not have the same needs, nor have access to the same resources. We commit to expanding our awareness, providing trainings, engaging key stakeholders, and integrating social justice internally and externally of our organization. We will develop, deliver, and evaluate our work with the goal of inclusion and diversity to serve historically marginalized communities.

Acknowledgement of Racism & Discrimination

Racism, persecution, and oppression are real and have no place in this organization. We are committed to listening and learning about the inequities that exist around us. With thoughtful, diverse representation, collaboration, and engagement, we strive to build a stronger foundation to champion individuals’, families’, and communities’ health and wellness.

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