Peer to Peer Mentorship

Peer support

Are you a breast cancer patient or survivor? Have you been diagnosed with the breast cancer gene? Would you like to be connected with others that have experienced breast cancer?

Our one-on-one mentorship program is a fellowship of volunteer breast cancer survivors, genetic previvors, and women living with metastatic breast cancer offering one-on-one connections to provide additional support to others that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is the link survivors have with one another. The more we link together, the stronger the bond. Pink Lemonade Project wants to strengthen your connections, moving women from survivorship into thrivership.

Information entered below will not be shared outside of Pink Lemonade Project. All volunteers agree to keep conversations strictly confidential. In emergency situations, when disclosure is necessary for the life or safety of our clients or another individual, Pink Lemonade Project staff will notify medical professionals and/or authorities. 

Our Pink Link volunteers, breast cancer survivors and genetic previvors, are extensively trained by a licensed clinical social worker to support those affected by breast cancer. These advocates are here to encourage you along this journey.

Please click on the appropriate button below and complete the form after contact with your mentee/mentor.


Michelle Urke

I'm a Pink Link mentor because I feel that I can give newly-diagnosed women hope that they can make it through the breast cancer journey. It's a way for me to make something good out of a dark time in my own life.

My favorite part of being a mentor is when I hear that someone feels better after talking to me. Knowing that someone else has navigated the road they're on helps them continue on. When they can talk about what they're feeling without being judged or taking on their friends' or families' emotions, I feel like I've played an important part in their healing.

Speaking of healing, somehow being a mentor has helped me in my own recovery. I feel better when I can take some of the fear away from a newly diagnosed woman, or listen to someone as they're anticipating chemo or surgery. It helps me see how far I've come since my own diagnosis.


Debbie Skinner

Being a Pink Link mentor has given me the opportunity to connect with other Pink Sisters and be a part of an awesome support community. I remember how terrified I was when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Talking with my Pink Link mentor was an anchor I hung onto until I was able to learn more about my treatment plan. Just knowing that there were so many gals that not only survived breast cancer, but could thrive was a huge encouragement to me. Going to the Revive Retreat was a life-changer for me! I truly felt empowered to move on from cancer patient to survivor-thriver! I feel passionate about being a Pink Link mentor because I want to be that lifeline for other women who's world has been turned upside down just as my mentor did for me!


Wendi Decker

Mentoring has provided me a way to turn the negativity of my cancer diagnosis into a positive. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to help other women and their families during such difficult and scary times.

I feel truly blessed to be a Pink Link mentor and it has been a bright light in my own cancer journey! I have really enjoyed meeting other breast cancer survivors and their families. The friendships made through Pink Lemonade have been ones that I would not have otherwise had and I am grateful that I am able to provide guidance and support.

I was greatly impacted by my Pink Link mentor when I was newly diagnosed. I felt relief and support immediately and wanted to offer the same type of help to others. I believe that speaking to others who have been through similar diagnoses, treatment, surgeries and recovery can provide much needed comfort during such a difficult time.