Z est aims to enrich the lives of young adults affected by cancer, inspire positivity and gratitude and create a sense of empowerment through human connection and artistic expression that encourages personal growth and healing.

This is a casual monthly gathering hosted by our trained volunteer peer mentors who have their own breast cancer journey. Zest is a way to make connections with other young women cancer survivors in a social setting with no pressure of sharing your story (unless you choose to). This group meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m.

Zest is co-led by trained peer mentors with a focus on activities intended to foster conversation around issues specific to young women navigating life after cancer diagnosis. The program serves adults diagnosed at an earlier age, and are in all stages of treatment, recovery, and survivorship.

The diagnosis of breast cancer in a young adult may significantly impact their quality and length of life and is often accompanied by higher mortality rates, fertility issues, body insecurities, career concerns, issues around sex and dating, financial stability and the possibility and/or ramifications of early menopause. We tackle these unique challenges through conversation and peer support. Our meet-ups are free for participants and all supplies are provided.

Breast cancer for young adults brings up different issues. So when life throws lemons at you, grate them and add a little ZEST to your life!

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