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the Pink Practicalities

Our Board recently wanted to know what survivors and clinicians saw as additional needs for support in the breast cancer community. A panel of clinicians from Legacy Salmon Creek, Compass Oncology, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, and Evergreen Prosthetics and Orthotics came together to discuss the requests for support they receive most frequently. They found that there is a call for financial assistance with practical, day to day types of needs.

This program is designed to offer women support where existing programming and insurance break down. For those who may be in radiation five days a week but are also living paycheck to paycheck, we will provide transportation and grocery aid during treatment. In addition, we will offer financial assistance for those crucial items such as lymphatic compression sleeves, co-insurance for prosthesis, and treatment of life altering conditions such as neuropathy.

To receive resources from either of these programs, reach out to your oncology group or email PLP at admin@pinklemonadeproject.org for additional details.