Kari Sullivan has a rich history with her relationship with Pink Lemonade Project.

She first became acquainted with the organization in 2015 when her daughter’s high school basketball team did a fundraiser for Pink Lemonade Project.

The organization immediately came to mind when she found herself facing a breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 and knew that she needed to make a connection. She was 100% certain that she would benefit from their mentor program not really knowing what to expect with the journey ahead.

In 2018 Kari found herself immersed in attending Pink Lemonade Project events (like retreats) as well as giving back to an organization who had guided her through the journey (via the mentor program). She found great joy in spreading the word about Pink Lemonade Project and making a difference in the lives of women who resembled herself just a year earlier.

It seems that where there was a need for “doers” Kari seemed to be front and center.

The organization noticed her enthusiasm and passion and a board member approached Kari about joining the organization’s Program Committee.  She eagerly agreed and her dedication has not wavered.  The Program Committee meets monthly with their sights set on specific Pink Lemonade Project programs. Pink Practicalities, for example, reviews applications by those in need for financial assistance. During the last few years (due to the Pandemic) this group has been quite busy doing as much as possible to address the various needs of those in treatment. In fact the Program Committee also oversees PLP “Holiday Glow”, the annual major fundraising component for the organization.  It’s probably no surprise to learn that Kari actively participates in both groups.

Kari views this committee work as a beautiful extension of the Pink Lemonade community. In her words “rallying together to help, to encourage survivors, forever fighters and their family members.” For the last three years most of the committee work was done virtually and it wasn’t until this past February where the members actually got to come together – IN PERSON – to celebrate their successes and for some meet for the first-time face to face.  But at this event there was a surprise. The committee got to celebrate one of their own: Kari Sullivan as she was recognized as Pink Lemonade’s Volunteer of the Year. Kari very humbly acknowledges the recognition but says her biggest reward is the friendships that her work with Pink Lemonade Project has brought into her life. In fact, she boasts that some of those connections made at her very first Pink Lemonade Project retreat are still front and center in her personal life.

Kari can’t say enough of how great she feels the mission of Pink Lemonade Project is.

However, the organization’s greatness is an extension of people like Kari – determine to see and promote the silver lining by paying it forward, providing dividends for so many.

This author’s challenge to you is this:
Be on the lookout for Kari at the next Pink Lemonade Project event!
But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she might very well talk you into joining one of her committees. My gut tells me you won’t be sorry!


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